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The Company

Investor Media Group (Investor.BG AD 4IN /BGTR30/) is a leading media company, based in Bulgaria. Its portfolio consists of first-class TV, radio, online and print media.

Investor Media Group is the only public company in Bulgaria, listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, that includes TV media in its portfolio. Its mission is to be the preferred source of timely and trustworthy information, useful practical knowledge and quality entertainment, delivered with respect to the wide and specialized audiences.

Bulgaria ON AIR is one of the four national TV networks, distributed also in the free digital air countrywide. It attracts loyal audience with its quality polythematic programming content, offering alternative TV knowledge and entertainment to the viewers. Radio Bulgaria ON AIR has nationwide distribution, airing in 33 cities, and targeting the dynamic urban audience with news content and music.

Bloomberg TV Bulgaria is the only business and finance TV channels in Bulgaria, targeting a wider audience. It was launched in 2015 as a next step in a very successful cooperation with Bloomberg LP. It is broadcast in the networks of the cable, satellite and IPTV operators, and online on bloombergtv.bg in HD quality.

More than 15 websites and platforms with diverse content and functionalities form the digital portfolio of Investor Media Group - the financial information leader investor.bg, the leading news website dnes.bg, the real estate website imoti.net, the leading health website puls.bg, the sports news website gol.bg, the site for automobile news and test drives automedia.bg, the online magazine for the contemporary woman az-jenata.bg, the website for the modern young people tialoto.bg, the career development website rabota.bg, the only online space for teenagers teenproblem.net, the children’s web portal az-deteto.bg, etc. The digital platforms, part of Investor Media Group', reach more than 65% of the Bulgarian online users.

The print magazines Bulgaria ON AIR The Inflight Magazine, Investor Digest and GO ON AIR The Traveller’s Magazine, distributed on all airplanes of the national carrier Bulgaria Air, are luxurious publications for business, analyses, travel and lifestyle.

Investor Media Group successfully develops additional event projects, among them the Club Investor discussions, the regional Investor Finance Forum, Bulgaria ON AIR‘s conference Education and Business, the Bloomberg conference The Next Big Thing, the CSR campaign The Funny Reading and the sports contest Igriada, organized by Az-deteto.bg, the Pregnancy and Children’s Health Forum and the Health Debate, organized by Puls.bg, the Annual awards of Imoti.net for good practices in the sector, etc. See the calendar of events for 2017 here >>

Investor Media Group is a socially responsible company, and its priority filed of investment and support is Education.

In September 2017 Investor Media Group acquired 90% of the shares of the VUZF University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship, which is the most significant investment of a media company in an educational institution in Bulgaria. The company will invest in the academic program upgrade, and in increasing the opportunities for collaboration with the business, so that the students acquire practical experience even before they graduate from the university.. See more details here >>



Last news

Renowned economist Daniel Lacalle is the keynote speaker at “The Next Big Thing” conference

Top economist Daniel Lacalle is coming to Sofia in order to take part in Bloomberg TV Bulgaria’s conference The Next Big Thing. Daniel Lacalle is a PhD in Economy, author of best-selling books and fund manager. In 2016, he was ranked as one of the Top 20 Economists in the World by Richtopia. At The Next Big Thing 2019, Lacalle will give a presentation on the opportunities and challenges of the New Economic Model. According to Lacalle, the world faces three important trends: the ageing of the population in the western countries, the technology revolution challenge and the rise of the middle class in the emerging economies. He believes that governments are fixated on inflation and stimulus when the global challengers are not demand-driven but of supply. To spur growth and tackle the opportunities of these major trends, the business community needs to re-evaluate historical perceptions of inflation, growth and expected returns. These and more topics will be discussed during The Next Big Thing 2019. For registration, more information about the agenda and the speakers, please visit https://tnbt.bloombergtv.bg/. Mr. Lacalle has presented and given keynote speeches at the most prestigious forums globally including the Federal Reserve in Houston, the Heritage Foundation in Washington, London School of Economics, Funds Society Forum in Miami, World Economic Forum, Forecast Summit in Peru, Mining Show in Dubai, Our Crowd in Jerusalem, Nordea Investor Summit in Oslo, and many others. He is an author of best-selling books, translated to English, Portuguese and Chinese. Mr Lacalle has more than 24 years of experience in the energy and finance sectors, including experience in North Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. He is currently a fund manager overseeing equities, bonds and commodities. He was voted Top 3 Generalist and Number 1 Pan-European Buyside Individual in Oil & Gas in Thomson Reuters’ Extel Survey in 2011, the leading survey among companies and financial institutions. Mr Lacalle is also a lecturer at the London School of Economics, UNED University, IEB and IE Business School.

The Next Big Thing: Bloomberg TV Bulgaria's Annual Conference emphasizes on the global economic challenges

This fall, Bloomberg TV Bulgaria's annual conference The Next Big Thing returns with a fourth edition. On October 17 in Sofia, some of the most prominent experts from all over the world will discuss the new vision for the economic model and the challenges businesses face. With the conference, the only business TV channel in Bulgaria will also celebrate its fourth anniversary on the Bulgarian media market. The Next Big Thing will address topics related to the changing global economic scenario, the challenges of technological revolution, and some global issues such as climate change and the growing number of ageing populations in the Western world. This year, the focus of the event will be on the global business responses to the current economic situation. The event will also put emphasis on the impact of trade war and the technological changes that shape the industries of the future. The Next Big Thing will start with an economic overview. Maeva Cousin, Euro-area economist at Bloomberg Economics and Valentin Marinov, banker, MD, Head of G10 FX research will take part in the discussion. How the global business will react to the economic forecasts? What measures Bulgarian business will take? What are the new challenges that CEO`s face? These topics will be covered in The Next Big Thing’s second discussion. The role of cybersecurity and 5G on the industries of the future will also be discussed during the event. For registration and more information about the speakers and the agenda, please visit https://tnbt.bloombergtv.bg/. Early bird tickets are available until August 16th.

Representatives of the Journalists’ Association of Korea visited Bulgaria ON AIR

Representatives of the Journalists’ Association of Korea (JAK), led by the president of the organization Yung Kyu Sung, made an official visit to Bulgaria ON AIR. The purpose of the meeting was to get acquainted with the activities and good practices in the media. During the visit, which took place on July 10, the five-member South Korean delegation had the opportunity to exchange experiences with Milena Milotinova, author and host of „Brussels 1” Petya Kertikova, news anchor and author of “The returnees” and the reporter Blagoy Tsitselkov. Among the topics discussed by the journalists from both countries were the fight against fake news, the training of young professionals, and the key role of creative initiatives in shaping a more active society. President Yung Kyu Sung was impressed by the TV and its mission to present more positive news as well as the media's investment in cultural and educational projects. The delegation was particularly interested in the campaigns "We have a lot to tell" and "For New Bulgarian Culture" by Bulgaria ON AIR. The visit of Korean journalists is carried out within the framework of a signed Cooperation Agreement between the Union of Bulgarian Journalists and JAK. The Korean delegation was accompanied by UBJ’s Chairman Snezhana Todorova.